How to Collaborate with Heather

headshot Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I get many people contacting me inquiring as to whether we can partner together. I am delighted to hear your proposal, and at the opportunity to work together!

In order to determine if the opportunity is of interest for each of us, I created this page to give you some helpful guidelines as to some of the basics I look for. If you feel you have an idea that fits the scope I outline below, please contact me at !

Please also make sure you check out my existing product line, as I may already offer something similar.

* I am available for public speaking - just contact me to let me know what you need and I'm happy to develop a program with you. *

Heather Markel

General Selection Criterion



Mutually Beneficial
Your idea should help BOTH of our businesses grow! It should be about more than me listing a link on my website, or earning a commission.


imagesTargeted to the Appropriate Audience
My target audience is expats, relocating professionals, trailing spouses, and trailing families. Anyone relocating with a job, or following someone else who is. My goal is to help them adapt to a new culture through a series of targeted strategies so that they learn to feel at home anywhere in the world.


checkmarkA Helpful Idea or Service
If you have a service or concept that would be of value to this audience, I'd love to hear about it!



Professional Copywriting
If you do have a compelling service or product, please make sure that your sales page looks professional and clearly explains the features and benefits so that my audience can make a good evaluation.


checkmarkLarge Audience
I love being interviewed on my topics of my expertise. However, due to time constraints I need to ensure a live interview will have at least 50 attendees. If the interview is being recorded, then I need to know it will reach at least 500 people. Or, if you have a unique idea from which I can make a product, I would consider a smaller audience.


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